OKKI Smart

Best practice solutions for small enterprises have fully realized the four high values of CRM.

  • Offer More Sales Opportunities

    Offer More Sales Opportunities

    Establish a more abundant database of potential customers through global business intelligence data.

  • Achieve More Deals

    Achieve More Deals

    Follow up every activity and interaction among customers, contacts, and projects to achieve more deals.

  • Efficient Operation and Sales Promotion

    Efficient Operation and Sales Promotion

    Reduce the time spent on repetitive transactions and concentrate more time and energy on communicating with customers.

  • Deep Insight and Sales Perception

    Deep Insight and Sales Perception

    Panoramic display of every detail and node in the sales action helps to build a deeper understanding of customers.

  • AI as the Core

    AI as the Core

    The ability of AI runs through the whole situation, and it can automatically perceive, analyze, and drive the process through AI.

  • User friendly

    User friendly

    In OKKI, all the starting points are related to business mailboxes, and all the data will be presented automatically.

OKKI is very suitable for teams like us, focusing on customer development and maintenance, team operations, personal capabilities.



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OKKI Smart

For Small Enterprises


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