For LMEs, OKKI pro can enable enterprises to customized workflow and support delicay management.

  • Data Security and System Reliability

    Data Security and System Reliability

    Enterprise-level security strategies such as end-to-end data encryption, cloud isolation deployment, and multiple data backup are adopted to ensure the security and reliability of customer data and services.

  • Multidimensional Statistics and Global Analysis

    Multidimensional Statistics and Global Analysis

    According to different management needs and roles, we can customize the reference data, chart form, and type of statistical view.

  • Supporting Delicacy Management

    Supporting Delicacy Management

    Supporting enterprises to achieve delicacy management with definable management methods and process systems.

  • Definable Processes and Nodes

    Definable Processes and Nodes

    Business opportunities, order flow, and management approval processes and nodes of enterprises can be customized,according to business management needs and systems.

  • Open and Connect

    Open and Connect

    OKKI Pro opens API to enterprises, integrates it with enterprise IT systems, and is friendly and compatible with other ERP, finance, personnel, and other systems.

  • Customer Success and Service

    Customer Success and Service

    Ensure the complete landing and successful implementation of the solution through close service and continuous support, and keep track of the results.

OKKI has been praised by a large number of customers and has become the best choice for enterprise IT infrastructure.

Haiyan Wu, OKKI Investor

Haiyan Wu, OKKI Investor

Management Partner, China Growth Capital


For LMEs

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