A human-like intelligent sales assistant for better business decision making.
AI technology is used in real-time monitoring and analysis of user behaviors, industry trends and customer transactions, etc, which shows in a form of news feeds for contact management and email management, provides users with real time work tips and action plans in a more straight-forward, accurate and intelligent way, and help business managers and sales team improve their capabilities in decision making and sales process.
  • Real-time news feeds on customer information

    Tips automatically matches customer information with OKKI database, and extract all data information of customers in an intelligent way throughout the sales cycle, including company introduction, contact information, customs data, business opportunities and so on. Users do not need to spend a lot of time and energy on customer background check or notes taking, and are able to be informed about customers information and status update, so as to adjust the content and strategy for customer communication.

  • Implementable follow-up suggestions for further course of actions

    In order for users to follow up with customers quickly and easily, Tips tracks the business status of users and customers, provides analysis and insights on working scenarios, automatically generates work reminders, pushes executable follow-up suggestions or action plans in real time, and provides users with basis for wise decision making.

Created with Sketch.The background analysis feature OKKI has helps me understand customers much better, so that I can follow up on target customers selectively. It doubles the sales performance with half of the efforts! Created with Sketch.

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