Solution purchase service

Enterprises can flexibly choose additional purchase functions according to their own needs to achieve cost-effective CRM upgrades.

Discovery function

  • Global search
  • Customer discovery
  • More control

    More control

    Actively find more customers in the huge OKKI database, and help you get more comprehensive customer acquisition ability.

  • More options

    More options

    According to the three dimensions of product, company and custom customer portrait, we can search for intent customers in all directions, and global customers are in control.

  • Higher income

    Higher income

    The ultra-high-cost way of getting customers, the investment in getting the same amount of sales leads is far lower than the exhibition and B2B platform.

  • Customer discovery

    Customer discovery

    From the hundreds of millions of enterprises, the target customers are accurately selected, and all the companies that you want to do business are listed.

  • Global search

    Global search

    No need for other search engines, we are a search engine, you can not only get the OKKI database, but also get the external network resources in one stop.

  • Huge data

    Huge data

    It has 2 billion pieces of data from 226 countries and regions, including 120 million company data and 1.25 billion contacts.

/account number/month

The duration of use and the number of accounts must be the same as the number agreed in the main product contract.

Created with Sketch.After the order approval process is changed from offline manual approval to online operation, it is not necessary to find the leader approval signature, and the system can be operated and approved, which greatly improves the efficiency of the transaction process.Created with Sketch.

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